2 weeks later the Atmos Jump stopped working all at once. I called customer and was told that they would replace the Atmos jump for a $25.00 charge which I paid and received a new Atmos Jump that stopped working today after 2 months. I couldn’t find anything I had that would exactly do, this but this thing seems pretty close. In this next piece here, the chamber connector, it has this spring sticking out.

I seriously don’t understand the bitching going on. You just need to a lil herbs and without the spring and it will vape. I press the button for 6 seconds let go quick and hit it again. After 5 times of that you get a nice effect going. I guess some people just don’t know how to use it proficiently.

To make this pen vape first you must sand down or file down the glass filter to half of its original thickness, I then used a peice of 20’s gauge wire to hold it in place. Preheat for the full time until the light blinks, then preheat again for xmax qomo (https://techbullion.com/x-max-qomo-replacement-glass-bubbler) about 4/5 seconds and hit it slow while still holding the button. I’d give it 4 stars but as you have toMod it to make it work it gets a 3. Overall, it’s a decent vape pen for beginners who want something that’s small, easy and inexpensive. That being said, I would probably spend the few extra bucks for the G Pro ($89.99 here).

The vapor quality from the Atmos Rx is decent but there’s a few things you can do to maximize the quality. First thing you can do is extend your draws to 8-9 seconds each. You’ll probably want to get a backup right away and avoid rough cleaning – otherwise you might get stuck with a vape pen you can’t use until your new atomizer arrives.

Don’t waste your money on Atmos products. I had problems with the Atmost vaporizer at first but I bought the glass filter and it works fine now. Its not what you get from a desktop model but it’s good. If you press the button in hold it for one second inhale slowly for a few seconds around 5 or so what ever you comfy with you get vape and not smoke. I actually just picked a newer version of the Raw up at a local shop and they are now including the Ceramic Disc Heating Chamber similar to the one that comes with the R2.

… Actually I tried once with just herb and it sucked ass. But if you have a lot of oil on hand this is hands down the best way to consume it. The Atmos RX vaporizer is NOT a vaporizer. You can get the same effect from a toilet paper roll, some tin foil with a few holes and a piece of tape to hold the foil in place(remember the 60’s before all these gadgets?). I have contacted the seller 3 times and all they do is tell you you need to buy a special screen (Which does’t fit) or use a special glass filter with holes which does not work. The Atmos raw produces burnt material and ash.

I’m new to this and need a great toy to be portable, easy operational, and herb friendly. I’m looking for a real vaporizer, not a fake. I’m sure you have kinda answered this somewhere in the above, but you’re never clearly one-sided, more neutral like a great sales person. After the first inhalation, have a look in the chamber to make sure all is intact, top screen still flat on the herb. I stop getting any vape or tasting any herb flavour after about three or four presses.

I put a small pea sized ball at the end of the spring and when it melts it seems that most of the material stays with the spring rather than touching the coil and seems to vape nicely. Must be that anti-gravity technology, thanks NASA. This is by far one of the best vapor pens on the market. Jokers expect results and obviously didn’t read the instructions or go online to get an idea on how to best use the thing. People used to getting huge plumes have to get used to vaping and jokers who don’t know how to read instructions or have the patience to get the hang of enjoying a decent product should calm down. If your looking for a nice little, discreet vaporizer, its awesome.

It’s designed for dry herbs, and it’s one of the smallest portable vape pens on the market. All of the materials that are used to make this pen are sourced from the United States. The Atmos RX vape pen was designed for the vaporizing dry herbs. I just pair it up with a Smokebuddy if I need to go stealth with this.