Instead of burning your cannabis and inhaling the smoke, heat your herbs to a low temperature and inhale vapor. Blackstone Valley Cannabis offers a wide range of cannabis vaporizers. Vaping is one of the easiest delivery methods for our new customers, so we recommend trying it out if you’re just dipping your toes into the cannabis world. While many people love the simplicity and ease of dried cannabis, smoking can cause serious lung problems and make it difficult for smokers to conceal. Dry herb vapes allow you to enjoy flower in a different way that won’t make you cough.

Users are describing “vaping high” as more “clear” and “clean” as opposed to smoking it. Dry herb vaporizers have a less strong and noticeable smell than smoking. Take out any dry herbs from the chamber and wipe it clean with a dry towel.

Choosing the right temperature for your weed vaporizer can make or break your experience. Temperatures that are too high can cause harsh vapor and make your herb taste bad. You have many temperature settings to choose from with most top 3 desktop vaporizers 2023 ( These settings range in temperature from low to high and can help decide what is best for your particular needs. The lower the temperature, you will get smoother vapor and less chance of drying your lungs or throat. This temperature range is also ideal for beginners or those who are not used to cannabis and want a mild effect. As you move into higher temperature ranges, more THC and other cannabinoids are released. This is good news for medicinal users, but can cause unwanted side effects like drowsiness.

Convection Heating

Portable vaporizers are a little more powerful than pen vaporizers. This means that they last a lot longer. First, it is important to understand what a vape cigarette is and why you should purchase one. A vaporizer is a device used to heat up and vaporize cannabis or other herbs. Our website has a wide range of different types of vaporizers, perfect for vaping and smoking weed, hash and/or concentrates. The original Pax was the first portable dry herb vape on the market. It was also my first portable vaporizer.

Herb vapes are also convenient and a great way to get all of the terpenes and minor cannabinoids from your weed. They look very similar, but they work in a different way. To use a dab pen, place “dabs of concentrate” directly onto the heating coil.