Are you currently in need of feral cat catching services in Ho Chi Minh City?

Pest kill feral cat service. kill 247 understands being destroyed by feral cats, they’re often active at night, or steal food, wherever there is a beginning that feral cats can get through. In addition they give birth in low-traffic areas, causing foul odors from feces and urine, which will be seriously unhygienic. In addition, cats also dirty the wall when wanting to climb in and out from the area to steal food, “seduce domestic cats” or fight with domestic cats, leading to “hybrid kittens or cats with rabies.”

If you want to locate a company that provides feral cat capture services, Pest kill 247 is the best company for you due to our experience and results serving countless our customers annually in Ho Chi Minh City.

Pest kill 247’s way of catching wild cats.

Throw bait to kill feral cats.

This technique is rarely utilized by pest kill 247, nonetheless it can also be used in the event of necessity, because many cats are very clever, they only steal clean food in the house. Throw the bait to kill the cat quickly, but when dead, feral cats leave behind the smell of the region where they died.

Set traps to catch feral cats.

Pest kill 247 Apply a technique of setting traps to lure feral cats using the cat’s favorite bait.

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