When you test the glucose levels level of yours, it reflects the sugar level in your bloodstream in that moment. Fifteen or twenty minutes later the reading of yours will be completely different. How your body reacts to numerous foods is unique to the way another person with type 2 diabetes will react… everyone’s reaction to food is different. This’s one reason why there is no best plan you could be given when you’re first clinically determined to have type 2 diabetes.

It can be frustrating, especially when you’re initially diagnosed, to see why if you eat exactly the same food on different occasions, your blood sugar readout differs. Here are several of the reasons:

1. The quantity…11 days ago unless you actually measure the food quantity every time, there might be a variation in the amount.

2. Food combinations… the dimensions of the piece of fresh fruit will make a difference, as will regardless of whether you ate an apple or a banana… the difference in the glycemic index measurement of the berry affects how quickly the sugar level of yours will increase. Additionally a reading is going to depend on which foods you ate together, eg. higher fat will deliver an increase in your post-meal reading although not for a few hours… so it’ll make a difference whether you have regular fries or baked fries. Or experiencing protein meals with carbohydrates, or the size variation in the protein food. Or the quantity of the carb food.

3. Physical condition… modifications including illness, menstrual cycle, glucotrust max (browse around here) a headache or perhaps any body pain will affect your blood sugar levels level.

4. Stress… your body responds to any form of stress, emotional or physical, by raising the blood glucose level of yours.

5. Alcohol… the way you use the food energy of yours is altered whenever you consume alcohol, the blood sugars of yours will be lowered.

6. Test your blood sugars… are these being checked at the very same period pre meal and post meal. If the timing interval between your tests and meal even vary by ten minutes the reading is going to be changed.1 day ago