What is an Environmental Lobbyist Basically, the job of an environmental lobbyist involves persuading politicians on the local and national levels, in both the legislative and executive branches of government, to pass laws, policies and regulations for a cleaner environment. And in these times pervaded by the rule of law, it is very important to effect change within the law! The career outlook for an environmental lobbyist is good. They make on average $30-$50 thousand a year.

Green Job When an environmental legislation is passed, virtually all sectors of society will be affected in one way or another. Thus, whenever said law provides for a cleaner, better and healthier environment, the job of an environment lobbyist becomes a truly green one. Demands of the Job As an environmental lobbyist, an individual will be required to socialize, discuss and persuade legislators, serwis aparatów fotograficznych katowice government executives, private sector leaders and other environmental groups to the organization’s point of view.

As such, it is one of the most exciting, most rewarding and most stressful green jobs on the planet! Depending on the organization for which an environmental lobbyist works for, the following job responsibilities may be expected: o Advocacy Work – Call the attention of policy makers about environment problems as well as present solutions for them. This may also involve persuasion to the organization’s platform in relation to the problem and solution being presented.

o Campaign Work – Create a campaign strategy to raise public awareness, build coalitions with other environmental organizations, organize grassroots movements, secure VIP endorsements and formulate focused messages. o Media Outreach – Tap into the power of broadcast, print, radio, and online media to strengthen environmental campaigns as well as to raise public awareness of environmental issues under advocacy.

o Fundraising Activities – Raise money for organizational activities through grants, donations and even loans. In accordance with these responsibilities, an environmental lobbyist often needs to be highly knowledgeable about existing policies about specific issues, uk anon catalog currents trends and updates in environmental policies, and social and political factors affecting the organization’s advocacy, to name a few. The pressures of the job are well worth the salary, which can range from $35,000 to $45,000 depending on company policies, location, educational attainment, work experience, and network of contacts, among other things.

Most environmental lobbyists enjoy generous employee benefits that include health care coverage, retirement plan, educational loan assistance as well as paid vacation and sick days. Travel, career advancement and training opportunities may also be offered. Again, various factors come into play when it comes to employee benefits, discuss just like in employee salary. Qualifications of the Job On the professional side, an environmental lobbyist must possess a four-year degree course preferably in political science, environmental science and social sciences.

Take note, however, that almost any bachelor degree will do since experience matters most in this line of work.